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Title How Can I Order?
Posted by (ip:)
  • date 2018-08-27
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How to order

1. If you find your favorite item, check the color and your size. You can change them on the ordering page.

(See the size chart at the bottom of the page.)

2. Click ADD TO CART.

2-1. If you want a prompt purchase, click BUY NOW.

2-2. If you purchase the product later, click ADD TO WISH.

3. Please check your shipping information(name, address and phone number).

4. Please select payment method.

4-1. When you check BANK TRANSFER DEPOSIT, fill out the Account Holder’s name and select the bank.

4-2. When you choose PAYPAL, enter your billing information to payment window.

5. See the total amount of your order, and click CHECKOUT.

6. Now your purchase is done and all you have to do is waiting for the joy!


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